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I started acting at age nine when my best pal (shoutout to playwright Julia Izumi) could not have a playdate because she had rehearsal.  I promptly decided I wanted rehearsal too, and the rest... is history.  As I got older I kept acting because of my love for telling stories and how they've seen me through tough times in my life.

I've trained for both stage and screen and have been described as a young Julia Louis Dreyfus and a brunette, yankee Reese Witherspoon.  I'm smart and can handle jargon, be it medical or technical, and am super strong.

My foray into aerial arts began as a teen and resurfaced as a hobby in my adult life.  When the theater and film industries shut down during COVID, I poured my attention into my aerial training and am now thrilled to be able to add it to my performance repertoire.

Acting Reel
Commercial/Comedy Reel
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Aerial Silks Demo 2023