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PRODUCING (and more!)

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In 2019, I made my producing debut with STUCK, a short I also wrote and appear in, born out of the desire to tell the kind of queer stories I wanted to see on screen.  Through the process I learned how much I love the nuts and bolts of bringing a project to life and I soon began to take on other production roles.  I have PAed on a number of shorts (Heirloom, Hidden, Cheerio, The Resistance) often wearing multiple hats as script supervisor or assistant production designer. I then stepped up to produce the short Survival Job--alongside stellar EPs Monica McCarthy and Erin Glass--which wrapped up its festival run in 2022 with a staggering number of awards. Projects since then include: Use Your Words, dir. Michelle Tattenbaum, writ. Sarah Saltwick, Gurinder Singh's Blood Drive, and NJ Agwuna's AGWU, produced in association with The Drama League.


What's it Like to Work with Me?

"Nathalie is the Swiss Army knife of filmmaking and with a positive, can-do attitude to boot! She was absolutely fundamental in getting my short film produced and she wore so many hats on set that I lost count! Nathalie will be my first call on any project that comes next and any project is lucky to have her!"

- Monica McCarthy, "Survival Job"

"I love working with Nathalie! She is not only efficient and sharp in her execution, it’s also a delight collaborating with her. She is a true problem-solver, arriving to a project with limitless ideas on how to make the thing happen. And then makes the thing happen. As a director in the indie film world, I want her on my producing team. 

- Natasha Straley, "The Resistance" and other projects

"Nathalie is my favorite producer to work with.  Her dedication, initiative and enthusiasm make her one of the best in the business. She has a way of making the seemingly impossible become possible. And to top it off, she’s incredibly creative and a joy to be around. She makes every set better!"

- Erin Glass, "Survival Job"

"Use Your Words" trailer
"Survival Job" Trailer
"Stuck" Preview Clip
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